Dating Coaching and Flirting Classes

  • Individual Dating Coaching ($150 per 50 minute session for incoming clients)

We’ve all been single at some point, and know how difficult it can be to search for that someone special. One of the problems we face when we are looking for love is that we hold many assumptions about our own ability to find suitable mates, and also about our ability to carry on meaningful relationships. I use mindfulness techniques to help draw potential mates into my client’s life, how to flirt effectively, dating etiquette, and exploring the possibilities of online dating.

Are you baffled by flirting, or don’t know where to start when it comes to looking for people to date? You, yes you, can be a natural, easygoing flirter, with confidence to spare! Enjoy the positive, upbeat atmosphere as we unravel the mysteries of dating.

No upcoming flirting classes while the Experimental College at the University of Washington is on hiatus. More info to come!

Join us in Flirting School as we learn the specific skills of flirting!

One of my favorite parts of teaching this class is the confidence my students earn as they learn to flirt, and get advice and support from their classmates. Also enjoy the benefits flirting can bring you outside of finding people to date: better social interactions at work and with friends, added confidence, and communication skills that will help you get better service in restaurants, shopping for cars, etc.!

  • Flirting 101: the basic skills to help you find and connect with attractive folks you want to date. Learn and practice 11 simple skills on a weekly basis until they become second nature.
    • Where to Meet Great Guys or Gals
    • How to Ensure a Great Second Date
    • How to Appear (and Be) Confident

    For information about registering, check the Experimental College website at, email, or call me at (206) 669-4912.

    Email me for more information about in-person dating coaching sessions, as well as online coaching.

    I look forward to working with you!

  • 2366 Eastlake Ave E. #402 Seattle, WA 98102
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