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During Fall quarter of this year, I started teaching Flirting 101 at the University of Washington Experimental College. Maybe you didn’t get a chance to take the class during Fall Quarter, but the good news is you’ve got another chance to take the class. Find a great date for Valentines Day, join us for a great time!

ASUW Experimental College

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Flirting 101

Are you baffled by flirting? Don’t know where to start? This class will teach you the basics of the language of flirting. Even if you feel awkward in social situations, you can learn to be open, inviting and even charming in your interactions, and have fun while you’re at it! Learn specific skills like opening lines and body language to help you communicate your interest with that certain someone. Gain confidence in interacting with possible romantic partners and others!

Course #18.08

January 20th – February 10th, 2011

4 Thursdays, 6:30-8:30

Location: UW Campus

Kate L Stewart, Psychotherapist and Dating Expert

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Author: Kate Stewart

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